Yes, We're Finally Open But To Help Keep Everyone Safe, Please Note The Following Procedures...

Common Sense Hygiene Practice: While we do ask any guests who are showing signs of an illness to stay at home, I can say that all of our therapists and front desk are under strict LA County rules and common sense procedures by way of safety and hygiene. 

 We ask that all guests read and comply with the following please:

  • Wear a face covering when in the spa.

  • Use hands free hand sanitizer available throughout.

  • Use hands free soap dispenser available in bathroom.

  • Thoroughly wash their hands before receiving any treatment.

  • No walk in appointments are being taken at this time.

  • For your convenience take advantage of our online booking form and make all payments online (preferred but optional).

  • Please arrive on time. If you arrive early for your appointment, stay in your car and we'll come out to get you . This is to comply with social distancing rules and regulations.

  • Bring your own drink/water, as we temporarily cannot offer this due to government guidelines.

  • All guest must complete a COVID 19 waiver before any treatment can commence.

 Out therapists, front desk and spa will do:

  •  Issued with full personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including wearing of face masks.

  •  Have daily temperature checks taken before commencing treatments.

  •  Wash hands thoroughly before and after each individual treatment.

  • All sheets and face cradle covers replaced with fresh and before each and every guest.

  • Health & Safety notice signs displayed.

  • Sanitize rooms after each treatment and commonly touched areas and surfaces.







Kila's Oasis is hugely committed to the health and wellness of our guests. We look forward to continue helping you stay safe and healthy while boosting your immune system and being with you on your amazing journey ahead!  


Thank you for trusting and supporting your safe haven spa.

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