So looking forward to seeing you all again...

Infrared Sauna Advice: Made of Cedar wood, with the wood being both antibacterial and anti fungal. Even our Infrared pillows which we had to source from Germany and for the very reason of being made from a mold and sweat resistant material. All Infrared areas are sanitized between treatments. One of the main benefits to using Infrared saunas is to boost your immune system, increasing white blood cell production which defend the body from bacteria and virus. For those of you who remember the 'bird flu virus' which first occurred in 1997, experts from Finland's Ministry of Agriculture stated that the 'sauna can effectively kill the bird flu virus because the virus cannot survive high temperatures' and supporting. 

General virus DO NOT like heat so, let's hope the current virus takes a similar route?

Common Sense Hygiene Practice: While we do ask any guests who are showing signs of an illness to stay at home, I can say that all of our therapists are under strict and common sense procedures by way of safety and hygiene. This includes for washing hands thoroughly (min 20secs) before and after each individual treatment, having a 70% rubbing alcohol supply always at hand and basic common sense hygiene practice.

We are a small, private spa where there is no concern regarding large crowds/gatherings or, interacting/touching other individuals.

From my own personal viewpoint and through constant research of health/wellness product and equipment I can say that I am continuing to make use of our amazing 158 degrees Infrared sauna, along with my daily intake of multi vitamins and higher level of vitamin C.

Kila's Oasis is hugely committed to the health and wellness of our guests. We look forward to continue helping you stay safe and healthy while boosting your immune system and being with you on your amazing journey ahead!  


Thank you for trusting and supporting your safe haven spa.