Hair and Scalp Treatment

Benefits of coconut oil and cream:

The fatty acids found in coconut oil work with the natural proteins found in hair to protect it from breaking (and therefore allowing it to grow)


Shiny hair is happy, healthy hair and regular use of coconut oil could make your hair softer and more lustrous than ever before. 

Boosts Blood Circulation:

If you massage your head with coconut oil, you’ll boost scalp circulation, meaning that more oxygen and nutrients will be sent right to your hair follicles, helping to stimulate growth.

Rich in Nutrients:

Coconut oil is loaded with natural antioxidants and nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Iron, it eradicate dandruff from the scalp.

Organic and luxurious treatment

Organic, Nourishing Oils blended with Warm Coconut Cream are massaged into your Scalp and Hair, while extending gentle massage into your neck and shoulders. Promotes a Deep Sense of Relaxation, Stimulates Circulation and Rejuvenates lifeless hair...


Treatment is left in Your Hair.

30 min - $55