Food For Your Skin

If You Can't Eat It, Don't Put It On Your Skin...After All, Healthy Skin Leads To Beautiful Skin

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  • Meticulously Formulated 100% From Plants - Products are made 100% from plants. Dr Alkaitis only formulates with organic, biodynamic or wild crafted herbs, plants, seeds, (sea) vegetables and oils. All harsh chemicals, synthetics, 'plant derived' products, trans fats, GMO's and animal testing are rigorously excluded. Products are raw, meaning they are never heated above body temperature. This allows all the beautiful ingredients to remain 'living' and in turn give full therapeutic benefits to your skin. 100% certified organic Aloe Vera is the base of our products...not water.

  • High Quality Ingredients to Address Your Skin's Needs - Sourced from the worlds most pristine places. Dr Alkaitis sources all plants and ingredients from growers and wild crafters he personally knows and trusts while monitoring the quality of their practices and procedures strictly. This process we call, 'Boutique Agriculture'

  • Results Orientated Skin Food - When you 'feed' your skin these high quality nutrients, your skin will be able to perform its tasks in the best way possible. Properly nourished your skin will 'sigh' with relief and reward you by radiating a healthy glow.

  • Healthy Glow - Dr Alkaitis products drastically increase your skins ability to adapt to various damaging influences. They help your skin to reach and maintain that balanced state where its 'glowing with health'.

"By addressing your skins specific needs day by day, you're really caring for your skin and keeping it healthy and balanced...

and we all know that healthy skin is beautiful skin!"

Organic Facial Purifying Cleanser: $67

Organic Herbal Toner: $42

Organic Soothing Gel: $45

Organic Nourishing Oil: $62

Organic Eye Creme: $67

Organic Day Creme: $72

Organic Night Creme: $72

Organic Ageless Elixir: $150

Packages sold depending on skin type from $221 to $382

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