Official: Yoghurts (Inc Organic and Children's), Are Full Of Sugar!

Recent research carried out by Leeds University in the UK confirm that 'many yoghurts are full of sugar and the public should not be lulled into thinking they are eating healthy products'.

To my dismay, Organic yoghurts were among the most sugary types - containing more sugar per 100g than cola. This equates to 3 and a half teaspoons of sugar in a 100g yoghurt. For those of you with children, the study also found children's yoghurts typically contained 10.8g per 100g, the equivalent of more than two sugar cubes and equates to around half of a child's recommended daily sugar intake. The only yoghurts which could be classed as low in sugar were natural and Greek-style yoghurts (research results below), so the advice here would be to get into the habit of eating natural or Greek yogurt with fresh, whole fruit for sweetness, meaning no free sugar and would have the added benefit of contributing to the five a day recommendation for fruit and veg.

How much sugar was in the yoghurt (UK and US seem to contain similar sugar levels)?

  • Desserts - 16.4g per 100g

  • Organic - 13.1g per 100g

  • Flavored - 12g per 100g

  • Fruit - 11.9g per 100g

  • Children's - 10.8g per 100g

  • Dairy alternatives - 9.2g per 100g

  • Drinks - 9.1g per 100g

  • Natural and Greek - 5g per 100g

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